Surfboard Science: The Twinny

Op relaunches a classic with some modern twists.

Op Wing Swallow Twin Fin

Shaper: Mauricio Gil

Length: 6' 3″

Width: 19 1/4″

Thickness: 2 1/2″

Low-entry rocker means more speed but reduced maneuverability.

Thicker glass. Four-ounce top with a six-ounce patch and a five-ounce bottom makes a slightly heavier board that should last ten years longer than a modern lightweight glass job.

Softer rails. Less-edgy rails are way more forgiving than those of the 1970s.

Narrow tail holds tighter in bottom turns.

Thinner through the tail than twinnies in the 70s–better control, responsiveness.

Fins: Less angle equals more drive. On 70s twinnies, the fins pointed to the nose, but on this board they point a few inches off-center, giving the board more drive.

Simple bottom contour, light V in front of the fins, but not much else. Board will plane easily through flat spots on a wave and accelerate effortlessly.

Full rails. Thick rails provide more foam, which means better floatation.

Old-school Op logo for extra retro-ness.

70s-style concord nose is always the sign of a board with lots of volume.