SurfCo Hawaii Introduces New Coconut Scented And Swirl Colored Hawaiian Hot Grip

First Ever Surfboard Traction Pad That Smells and Feels Like Wax!

SurfCo Hawaii, the developers of Nose Guards, Diamond Tips, Quick Fix, Pro Teck fins, and other unique surfing products, proudly introduces the latest in Hawaiian Hot Grips. They developed a Hot Grip that smells and feels like wax, but won’t melt in the sun!

Wild new swirl colored models along with clear and tints are also available.

The one-piece grip is made of the same material as Nose Guards, providing excellent wet grip that is non-abrashive and feels more natural to the skin than traditional foam pads. .

Available in Local Surf Shops
Hawaiian Hot Grip is available in local surf shops in a variety of colors for $38-40.00.