Surfer Albee Layer’s face sums up his brutal Puerto Escondido wipeout

Yes, surfers like Albee Layer who ride big waves are aware of the vicious wipeouts they’re subjecting themselves to. Despite the incredible things they do, they are also (mostly) still humans — so when they take a bad wipeout they feel it, too.

A video posted by Albee Layer (@johnjohn_slater) on

As we see, Albee took a thrashing after getting sucked over the falls on this recent bomb at Puerto Escondido. He ends up taking another one of the head and eventually washes up on the beach.

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Thankfully, he came out unscathed. But his reaction after picking himself off the sand is definitely that face you make when you just got your ass kicked by the ocean. But unlike you and me, Albee probably went right back out there and got a big one that he made.

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