Surfer Alex Knost releases new RVCA collection, surfs Bali, Costa Rica

“The clothes make the man” is an idiom in reverse, when considering surfer Alex Knost and his latest collection for RVCA.

Knost is a throwback to a more relaxed era. With his shaggy, sun-drenched hair and secondhand charm, it’s clear that he is content with being exactly who he is. His interest in ’60s and ’70s surfboard design has informed his personal style, and appears to be the jumping off point for his apparel collaboration with RVCA. Featuring vintage-inspired workwear and retro color combinations, the collection’s overall aesthetic is that of a faded photograph taken back when beach bunnies and Valleyspeak were all the rage.

At 26, Knost has already led a full life. He’s earned his surfing chops, established a following as a board shaper, is the frontman for the band Tomorrow’s Tulips, and has fortified his creative spirit through various art projects and brand collabs. And he manages all of that–what might equate to the making of a hectic life–with an old-soul persona and salt of the earth temperament.

In the below video, Alex surfs Bali and Costa Rica–single fin, no leash. He’s the envy of us all.

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Find the complete Alex Knost collection for RVCA here.

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Photo courtesy RVCA