Surfer almost decapitated by SUP at Teahupoo

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Yesterday, Jack Robinson was almost decapitated by a SUP at Teahupoo. Surfing Tahiti's infamous wave is usually sketchy enough on its own: There's the giant waves and the shallow coral, with the two often combining to dangerous, even fatal, effect.

However, yesterday the Australian surfer had another floating obstacle in his path: a SUP board that at one stage threatens to decapitate the 18-year-old.

Reminding us of the time Raimana Van Bastolaer was almost coat-hangered by a Jet Ski at Teahupoo, the SUP, which had to be jettisoned by its owner in an attempt to get over the wave, is picked up and thrown over with the lip of the wave. The 8-foot-long, 20-pound board narrowly misses Robinson's head and then is almost spat back out of the tube along with Robinson.

To his credit, the surfer remains unfazed and successfully completes the ride.

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