Surfer caught biggest wave ever paddled into

Biggest wave ever paddled

Aaron Gold on what is being called the biggest wave ever paddled into at Jaws yesterday. Photo: Brent Bielmann/ SURFING Magazine

Yesterday, Oahu surfer Aaron Gold, surfed a wave that many are saying was the biggest wave ever paddled into at Pe’ahi, or Jaws, off the Hawaiian island of Maui.

“The underground hellman threw himself into what has undoubtedly been deemed the biggest wave ever paddled into at Jaws, and pretty much anywhere for that matter,” SURFING Magazine reported.

Wave heights exceeded 50 feet yesterday thanks to an El Nino swell. Conditions were pretty close to perfect, with light wind, which makes for a smoother ride.

Gold said the bomb was the first wave of the day and he was just looking for a warmup ride.

“It came to me,” he told SURFING. “Sometimes it finds you.”

Wow what a day, @therealaarongold this was crazy!! Can’t wait to go thru the rest of the footage @mysurftv #peahi

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When asked if he agreed if it was the largest wave ever paddled into, he didn’t confirm but did say the wave felt different than anything he’s ridden before.

“It was definitely one of the longest drops I've ever had,” Gold said. “When you feel that, you're just kind of in the moment and it just kept going.”

He didn’t make it out of the wave and took a good beating, which he said, is to be expected at Jaws.

“It’s always a beating out here. It doesn’t matter if you’re on a small one in the inside, or a big one on the outside,” Gold said.

The surfer wasn’t injured and didn’t require help from the safety jet-skies.

Paddling into a giant wave is more complicated than tow-in surfing, which allows a surfer to artificially gain momentum to catch a wave.

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