Surfer Killed By Shark In Northern Brazil–Oregon Surfers Chased From Water By Great White.

Surfer Killed In Brazil

Oregon Surfers Chased From Water By Great White

According to the Curry Coastal Pilot, on Friday morning five surfers were chased out of the water at Sporthaven Beach, Oregon by what they described as a 10 to 12 foot juvenile great white shark. The men were catching waves off the south jetty of the Chetco River when the encounter occurred. “It bumped one of the surfers and spun him around before disappearing,” the surfer said. “Two other guys surfing nearby saw a fin and splash and then saw it circling around them. The men immediately caught the next wave and arrived on the shore without further incident. At that same location in September, 2004, a great white shark attacked a surfer. Seth Mead was surfing near the south jetty when he looked down to see the creature clamp down on his right leg and foot. Then the shark simply let go and disappeared into the water, leaving the dazed and bleeding 26-year-old to catch a wave 50 feet to shore. He survived the attack. While the presence of white sharks is not uncommon along the Southern Oregon Coast, sightings at popular swimming and surfing beach such as Sporthaven Beach are rare. Larry Ellis, who writes the weekly fish report for the Pilot, said the shark at Sporthaven Beach may have been attracted to the area by the recent increase in salmon and other large fish feeding on a surge in baitfish close to shore.

The Curry Coastal Pilot received a phone call Friday afternoon from one of the surfers, who asked to remain anonymous. He said he was reporting the shark encounter because he felt that other people should be aware that it happened.