Surfer punches attacking bull shark that tore into his hand, forearm; video

Daniel Moore of Australia was surfing with his son at Balian Beach on Monday when a suspected bull shark drastically altered their Bali vacation by attacking the 48-year-old man.

The estimated 4-foot bull shark tore into his right hand and forearm, severing tendons and requiring hours of reconstructive surgery at BIMC Hospital in Kuta, according to Australia's 9 News Brisbane.

“I had my right hand in the water and the next thing it just exploded around me," Moore told 9 News. "It was a lot of splashing going on and I knew I was in a bit of strife and knew I had to get back in.

“It bit down hard and I just managed to hit it with my left hand and it released straight away.

“I couldn’t really use my hand at that stage because all the tendons had obviously been severed. The anxiety of potentially being hit again with that much blood in the water and other sharks, I was pretty keen to get back in.”

Helped by his son and a friend, Moore made it back to shore where paramedics treated him and transported him to the hospital.

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Bull sharks are known for their aggressive behavior and propensity to attack humans. They are said to possibly be more dangerous to humans than any shark species.

The attack won’t keep Moore from going back into the water, but he told 9 News, “I won’t be going back to Bali.”