Video evidence suggests things should turn around for Yadin Nicol

Yadin Nicol is one of the most friendly and hardest working pro surfers in the world. He’s also dealt with more than his fair share of disappointment. He barely missed World Tour qualification multiple times, had an embarrassing U.S. Open final against Kelly Slater last year where he failed to catch a wave for the first 30 minutes of the heat, and then a few weeks later suffered a career-threatening ankle injury on a surf trip in Japan. In 2012, Yadin earned his spot on tour for the first time and was a heat away from qualifying for 2013. Since then he’s been dealing with a nagging shoulder injury. Eventually things have got to turn around for him because he’s too nice of a guy, and as you can see from his Hurley “One and Only” edit, too great of a surfer for them not to.