Surfing America Announces USA Surfing Championships

Surfing America, the newly-appointed National Governing Body for the sport of Surfing in the United States, today announced the Official USA Surfing Championships series of events.

The USA Surfing Championships and USA Surf Team Selection will take place July 23-25 in Huntington Beach, CA.

Seeding athletes into this event are two other events: The American Surfing Championships (June 13-17 in Huntington Beach, CA) and the NSSA National Championships (June 18-26 at Lower Trestles in San Clemente, CA).

The American Surfing Championships will involve the top ranked athletes from the Eastern Surfing Association (ESA), the Hawaii Amateur Surfing Association (HASA), and the Texas Gulf Surfing Association (TGSA). The event is scheduled to take place one week before the National Scholastic Surfing Association (NSSA) Nationals. 

The NSSA National Championships will involve top ranked athletes from the National Scholastic Surfing Association (NSSA). With a special emphasis on student surfers, the NSSA’s National Championship event is held each summer  at Lower Trestles, San Clemente, California.

Surfers from both the American Surfing Championships and the NSSA Nationals will vie for coveted seeds into the Official 2004 USA Surfing Championships and USA Team Selection. This series of events officially kicks off Surfing America’s reign as the newly-recognized National Governing Body (“NGB) for surfing in the United States.

In order to qualify for the 2004 USA Surfing Championships, athletes must first become a member of a Surfing America-recognized Organization (ESA, HASA, NSSA, or TGSA)—and must compete successfully and qualify from within their organization.

   “We’re very excited to announce these events, said Mike Gerard, Executive Director of Surfing America. “It is the beginning of a new structure designed to build a winning USA Surf Team. The American Surfing Championships — along with the NSSA Nationals — creates the only competitive pathway United States surfers can follow to gain access to the Official USA Surfing Championships this July 23-25 in Huntington Beach. From there, we will select the USA Surf Team that will compete against other nations in ISA-recognized events representing the United States of America.

The United States National Governing Body designation was awarded to Surfing America at the International Surfing Association’s Biennial General Meeting held last month in Ecuador.

“It was definitely time for a change, added Gerard. “Finally, the best athletes from America will be seeded into an official USA Surfing Championships event. From there we will build a strong, legitimate, USA Surf Team in 2004. Moving forward, we plan to play a leadership role in the world of international competitive surfing.

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 Surfing America Recognized Organizations

 Eastern Surfing Association (ESA)

 Hawaii Amateur Surfing Association (HASA)

 National Scholastic Surfing Association

 Texas Gulf Surfing Association (TGSA)