Surfing America Prime Catches Good Steamer Lane

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Boys U18 Results:
1st Derek Peters

2nd Scott Weinhardt
3rd Tommy Wehsener
4th Ian Crane

Girls U18 Results:
1st Jasset Umbel

2nd Kulia Doherty
3rd Shelby Detmers
4th Lani Doherty

Boys U16 Results:
1st Jake Kelly

2nd Taylor Clark
3rd Nic Hdez
4th Andrew Jacobson

Girls U16 Results:
1st Kulia Doherty

2nd Harley Taich
3rd Meah Collins
4th Nikki Viesens

Boys U14 Results:
1st Jacob Davis

2nd Colin Deveze
3rd Griffin Colapinto
4th John Mel