Surfing America Prime Goes Off At Salt Creek

Alexa Elseewi
Cole Houshmand
Colt Ward
Eithan Osborne
Griffin Colapinto
John Mel
Malia Osterkamp
Meah Collins
Nic Marshall
Nolan Rapoza
Steffi Kerson
Tia Blanco

Surfing America Prime Goes Off At Salt Creek

Surfing America Prime presented by Got Milk?
Salt Creek Beach Park, Dana Point, CA
December 14 & 15, 2013

We couldn't have asked for better conditions for the third event of the Surfing America Prime West Coast series this weekend at Salt Creek. Indian Summer like weather in the low 80's and offshore to calm winds all weekend. The two week flat spell ended just in time with 3 - 4 foot SW and WNW combo swell provided great waves for the event.

The Girls U18 and Girls U16 divisions were standouts on Saturday, with USA Surf Team member, Tia Blanco, continuing to dominate the Girls U18 division. Up and comer Tiare Thompson gave her a run for her money in the final with an impressive 2nd place finish for the La Jolla 12 year old, surfing up a division. Meah Collins took the win in Girls U16 with USA Surf Team member, Malia Osterkamp in 2nd. Boys U18 ran through the quarters on Saturday and finished on Sunday.

In Boys U14, Ventura's Eithan Osborne had the clean Point peaks dialed in winning all of his heats on his way to the win. In Boys U16 it looked as if Kei Kobayashi was going to steamroll his way in for his first Surfing America Prime win. Kei won every heat on his way to the finals, but Nolan Rapoza grabbed a score in the dying minutes of the heat and snatched the victory away from Kei. Kei was determined to get his first Prime win and he had another chance in the Boys U18 final. An early heat paddling interference left Nic Hdez and Colt Ward rattled. Kei took advantage posting solid 7.83 and 6.83 scores. Daniel Glenn answered with an 8.5 but was not able to get a back up wave and had to settle for a 3rd place finish.

USA Surf Team Coach, Ryan Simmons, said,"the conditions were epic and the surfing was remarkable. It's great to see the progression of the kids as they come up through the Surfing America system. The talent level is through the roof and I am especially impressed with the level of the girls coming up. It bodes well for the future success of the USA Surf Team."

Next up is Steamer Lane, Santa Cruz, on January 11 & 12, 2014.

Malia Osterkamp

Girls under 16 runner up Malia Osterkamp. Photo: McDaniel

Girls U16 Final Results:
1st - Meah Collins - 10.26 - Costa Mesa
2nd - Malia Osterkamp - 7.33 - San Clemente
3rd - Alexxa Elseewi - 7.16 - San Clemente
4th - Juli Hernandez - 5.43 - Huntington Beach

Girls U18 Final Results:
1st - Tia Blanco - 12.93 - San Clemente
2nd - Tiare Thompson - 10.60 - La Jolla
3rd - Rachel Tominaga - 5.40 - Manhattan Beach
4th - Steffi Kerson - 3.53 - Thousand Oaks

Boys U14 Final Results:
1st - Eithan Osborne - 11.93 - Ventura
2nd - Griffin Foy - 10.43 - Fullerton
3rd - Nick Marshall - 10.43 - Encinitas
4th - Cole Houshmand - 0.0 - San Clemente (missed final for a flight to Hawaii)

Boys U16 Final Results:
1st - Nolan Rapoza - 11.27 - Long Beach
2nd - Kei Kobayashi - 11.00 - San Clemente
3rd - John Mel - 7.90 - Newport Beach
4th - Griffin Colapinto - 7.47 - San Clemente

Boys U18 Final Results:
1st - Kei Kobayashi - 14.66 - San Clemente
2nd - Nic Hdez - 12.39 - Santa Cruz
3rd - Daniel Glenn - 11.37 - New Smyrna Beach, FL
4th - Colt Ward - 6.17 - San Clemente