Surfing America Prime HB Pier Results And Photos

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Surfing America Prime HB Pier Results And Photos

Surfing America Prime presented by Got Milk?
Event #6, South Side, Huntington Beach Pier
Huntington Beach, CA
March 16 – 17 2013

Surf City is full of surprises when you try to hold an event in the Spring. Last year we were pummeled by 50 kt north winds and waves breaking beyond the end of the pier. This year the forecast was calling for ankle slappers. We were pleasantly surprised by a clean combo swell offering 3-4 feet peaks all weekend.

There were some surprising performances as the best under 18-year old surfers on the coast were clamoring for ratings points to get the golden ticket to USA Championships at Lower Trestles. We were surprised that PacSun USA Surf Team, Taylor Clark and Colt Ward, took red-eye flights home from surfing perfect Pipe in the North Shore Surf Shop Pro Junior to come and grovel in Huntington. They were stoked the waves were good and both made the finals despite the shock of going from 73-degree to 53-degree water and being sleep deprived.

HB local Matt Passaquindici has been moving up the ranks all season. He took advantage of his local knowledge to win his first Surfing America Prime and get chaired up the beach by his mutually stoked friends and fellow competitors. Another local, Tyler Killeen from up the beach in Surfside, also used his local knowledge to his advantage notching his first win in Boys U16.

More surprises were in store as Kylie Loveland from Carlsbad and Ryland Rubens from Pacific Beach, both of whom have made every final this season without winning an event, both took their first wins this season. Tia Blanco took the win in the Girls U18 division just ahead of Lulu Erkeneff. Lulu surfed brilliantly all day and closed out her Surfing America Prime career with a great finish. Tia held off Meah Collins for the Surfing America Prime Girls U18 Season Champion Title, but Meah took the Girls U16 title.

The Prime Series is so competitive, it was surprising that Jake Marshall from Encinitas and Griffin Colapinto won their Season Champion Titles in Boys U18 and Boys U16 respectively, by only surfing the minimum 4 events. That means they won without being able to throw out any low scoring events. Every event they surfed counted and they still held on.

Boys U14 ratings leader, Eithan Osborne, was surprised by John Mel's late season surge. Eithan had a commanding lead winning the first 3 events of the season, then John won the next two. Eithan was able to hold off John and win the title with his 2nd place finish in Huntington to John's 3rd.

This was the final event of the 5th year of the Surfing America Prime season. Next up is the Surfing America USA Championships at Lower Trestles, June 18 - 22, 2013.

PacSun USA Surf Team Coach, Ryan Simmons, said "The level of surfing was rivaling that of a WQS ASP event. We had some first time winners and our PacSun Junior Surf Team members shined as expected. With a few months off before our USA championships at Lowers, the athletes will have time to work on equipment and strategy and we are expecting an awesome finish to the competition season.”

Jake Marshall

Surfing America Prime season champion Jake Marshall. Photo: McDaniel

Boys U18
1 – Matt Passaquindici - Huntington Beach, CA
2 – Kevin Schulz - San Clemente, CA
3 – Colt Ward – San Clemente, CA
4 – Taylor Clark - Encinitas, CA
Season Champion - Jake Marshall - Encinitas, CA

Girls U18
1 – Tia Blanco - San Clemente, CA
2 – Lulu Erkeneff - San Clemente, CA
3 – Kylie Loveland - Carlsbad, CA
4 – Malia Osterkamp - San Clemente, CA
Season Champion - Tia Blanco - San Clemente, CA

Boys U16
1 – Tyler Killeen - Surfside, CA
2 – Nolan Rapoza - Long Beach, CA
3 – Jake Marshall - Encinitas, CA
4 – Kei Kobayashi - San Clemente, CA
Season Champion - Griifin Colapinto - San Clemente, CA

Girls U16
1 – Kylie Loveland - Carlsbad, CA
2 – Meah Collins - Costa Mesa, CA
3 – Malia Osterkamp - San Clemente, CA
4 – Tia Blanco - San Clemente, CA
Season Champion - Meah Collins, Costa Mesa, CA

Boys U14
1 – Ryland Rubens - Pacific Beach, CA
2 – Eithan Osborne - Ventura, CA
3 – John Mel - Newport Beach, CA
4 – Noah Hill - Marina Del Rey, CA
Season Champion - Eithan Osborne - Ventura, CA