Surfing America Prime Series Scores Firing Churches

Boys U14
Colt Ward
Eithan Osborne
Jake Davis
Kei Kobayashi
Kylie Loveland
Micky Clarke
Noah Collins
Noah Hill
Ryland Rubens
Thelen McKinna-Worrell
Tia Blanco
Tommy McKeown
 Tyler Gunter

Surfing America Prime Series Scores Firing Churches

Surfing America Prime At Churchs San Onofre State Beach
Presented by Got Milk?
Season 6
Event 2

Swell, Santa Ana's, And Sunshine Make For A Trifecta Of Perfect Surf 

Sometimes everything comes together. In some of the best Indian Summer conditions that Southern California has seen in five years, competitors in the Surfing America Prime Church were cutting loose on shoulder to head high perfectly groomed waves on Saturday. It was great to see the kids turn their attention away from their air game with the unfavorable winds and demonstrate their superb rail surfing. Power surfing is alive and well with this generation of junior surfers.

Kei Kobayashi was gnarly all day on Saturday, using his local knowledge to his advantage. Kei went all the way to the final, but got out of rythem and bit and settled for 4th in Boys U16. Micky Clarke, no stranger to the long rights in Ventura, could do no wrong in the final and took the win in Boys U16. Eithan Osborne had a disappointing showing at DMJs, but is back on his game scoring a 10 and a 9 for a 19 point total in the Boy U14 Quarters. Eithan won the Boys U14 division and took 3rd in Boys U16.

Colt Ward scored a perfect 10 in the finals and the insane show the Boys U18 finalists put on was nothing short of spectacular. Thelen McKinna-Worrell chose the Boys U18 Final to throw down the high heat total of the event in his division, taking a big win for the Malibu stand out. Tia Blanco put on a clinic in Girls U18 with her World Tour worthy backside assault. Kylie Loveland showed great improvement in her game for a 2nd place finish in Girls U18. Meah Collins won the Girls U16 and Malia Osterkamp was a double finalist, taking 3rd in Girls U16 and Girls U18

ASP International Judge and Surfing America Prime Head Judge, Tim Marshall, said, "This event was one of the most fun to judge in a long time, including the pros. The level of surfing was amazing, as were the conditions!"

Eithan Osborne

Eithan “Beaver” Osborne on his way to first place in the boys under 14 division. Photo: McDaniel

Boys U18 
1st Thelen McKinna-Worrell - 18.37 - Malibu
2nd Colt Ward - 15.93 - San Clemente
3rd Jake Davis - 14.63 - Capistrano Beach
4th Noah Collins - 13.83 - Manhattan Beach

Girls U18 
1st Tia Blanco - 17.77 - San Clemente
2nd Kylie Loveland - 13.43 - Carlsbad
3rd Malia Osterkamp - 9.67 - San Clemente
4th Frankie Harrer - 8.16 - Malibu

Boys U16 
1st Micky Clarke - 13.20 - Ventura
2nd Ryland Rubens - 12.56 - La Jolla
3rd Eithan Osborne - 11.90 - Ventura
4th Kei Kobayashi - 11.70 - San Clemente

Girls U16 
1st Meah Collins - 12.17 - Costa Mesa
2nd Tiare Thompson - 7.60 - La Jolla
3rd Malia Osterkamp - 5.84 - San Clemente
4th Hannah Erbe Smith - 5.43 - San Diego

Boys U14 
1st Eithan Osborne - 17.10 - Ventura
2nd Tyler Gunter - 10.77 - Newport Beach
3rd Noah Hill - 7.27 - Malibu
4th Tommy McKeown - 5.50 - Ventura