Surfing’s Supergirl; Coco Ho Takes The S3 Supergirl Jr. Pro At The U.S. Open

The official weekend has arrived here at the U.S. Open. With the weekend comes the full on craze and circus that the Open is most noted for. Skate parks, snow rails, motocross, bmx, all of it comes in one monstrosity of a package to accompany the premiere surfing event in the world.

This year saw the reinstatement of a girls Jr. Pro with the S3 Supergirl event. And some of the world's top girls juniors were stoked on getting an event back here in Huntington, especially Coco Ho: "I'm really glad to get our Junior back since we didn't have one last year."
Speaking of Coco Ho, the girl's surfing has been spot on the whole week and it was capped off today with her appearance in both the Women's and Girl's Jr. finals. But the Women's deal is all Mike Fish's deal; check out his story right here.
Anyway, the reinvigorated S3 Supergirl Jr. Pro Final saw the likes of Californian Sage Erickson, previously mentioned Hawaiian Coco Ho, Orange County local Courtney Conlogue, and South African Nikita Robb. The conditions definitely deteriorated from the glassy, punchy surf that HB dealt up in the morning, but the girls made it work.
Nikita held a steady lead, a combo lead on everyone actually, for the better half of the heat until a few sets started spreading everyone out. With that came a few changes in positioning when Coco picked up a 6.67, which bumped her up to second place. Courtney Conlogue also picked off one of the better lefts of the heat and threw in a crucial backside floater, which she stuck solid, and weaved her way through the pier, but couldn't quite get it to connect all the way through.
But it was Coco's 7.4 that was the wave of the heat, and it was a rare one to actually be workable all the way through to the inside, giving her a nice little wall to go crazy on.
With that score Coco moved herself into first place and pretty much solidified the win for herself. The beach was ecstatic for the young Hawaiian as she was carried out of the water and into the media madness: "I'm just super glad to be at the U.S. Open and to take a U.S. title," said Coco.
Donning a Supergirl cape as she took the stage to receive that oversized check, Coco showed Huntington, the United States, and the world that her surfing speaks for itself. And with that, the world has also seen that the Girls Jr. Pro event at the U.S. Open is a must from here on out. –Ryan "Dirty Jerz" Brower