Surfline’s SIMA Surf Summit 7 Swell Forecast

Fun Waves Expected for the Big Event!

A combination of swells from the Southern Hemisphere promise to bringfun waves to this year’s SIMA convention in Cabo. A significant SSW-195swell from earlier in the week will continue to provide shoulder to headhigh waves at the better spots throughout the end of the week asparticipants arrive. Another SSW-190 swell from a small developing stormbetween Tahiti and South America will follow up with more shoulder highwaves and larger sets by late Friday throughout the weekend. (This stormstill hasn’t happened as of this forecast so…) Expect water temps inthe low 70’s so you might want to pack along a Spring suit.

Spots in Town and East Cape will likely be the best bets with the swellcombination, however, we will have to keep a close eye on the dreadedNorth winds out of the Gulf. The bottoms at all the spots are stillreally good. The estuary is breaking with lots of spread out peaks butwas polluted when I was there last. The bottom at Industry Peak actuallyimproved a little over last year.

Over on the Pacific side we will have a small NW wind swell helping tobreak things up a bit at the beachbreaks but the swell will be dominantout of the SW. Los Cerritos is probably the best bet over there. SanPedrito was totally worked and washed out by Hurricane Ignacio last yearwith some debris still in the lineup. Expect water temps in the high60’s for that Spring suit or maybe a short sleeve full.

Special note: Roads out to the East Cape have changed with massivedevelopment around the La Playita area. Basically, you can stay to theleft and a nice gravel road will come out at Zacatitos and Waimesa. Theroad after that is as bad as it can be with horrible washboard andwashouts all the way around to the inside due to last Summer’s hurricaneactivity. Maybe they fixed the road by now but don’t count on it. Alsoheard there are problems with the airport road in. The Perfecta littleroad on the point is washed out so expect to hike in down the beach. Besure to check your rental for a spare, lug wrench, and jack. Also takedown a tire guage to drop the tire pressure down to 28 lbs or so fromthe 40+ lbs they like to run at…

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