Surfrider Encourages Corporate Activism

Do you want to make a difference in your community and the environment while still meeting your bottom line? The Surfrider Foundation, the only national nonprofit whose mission is to preserve and protect waves, gives you a way to do both.

Through its network of 44 all-volunteer chapters and four international affiliates, the Surfrider Foundation combines an active approach to both enjoying waves and preserving them, while engaging the passion of people who love coastal environments for a wide variety of reasons.

Surfrider Programs

The Surfrider Foundation accomplishes its mission through a variety of environmental programs. The multi-dimensional Respect The Beach program concentrates on education and beach maintenance. Respect The Beach strives to immediately improve coastal conditions through activities like removing litter, protecting sensitive coastal flora and fauna, and reducing abusive recreational use. Over the long term, Respect The Beach will empower local community members and students to become effective stewards and watchdogs for their beaches.

Beachscape is a flagship program of citizen-based coastal mapping that will create a detailed dataset of our changing and threatened coastal resources, surfing breaks, and shoreline ecosystems.

The aim of this program is to mobilize the Surfrider Foundation’s vast national network of local chapters and volunteers. Using geographic information systems (GIS), the program seeks to increase the capacity of our chapters to put information and resources in the hands of those working in local communities.

Pratte’s Reef will be the first artificial reef in the United States designed specifically for surf enhancement. This reef represents a joint effort between Chevron USA and the Surfrider Foundation to help restore surf conditions in the El Segundo area. However, the money available from Chevron limits the size of the reef. Current funding is sufficient for a modest-sized reef, which will be made of giant sandbags specially designed for the marine environment, laid in a wedge shape with the point aiming seaward. The goal is to augment Chevron’s contribution with an additional 50,000 dollars to increase the size of Pratte’s Reef and to fund environmental studies of its effects.

How Can My Company Help?

To enlist the support of the private sector in delivering these programs, the Surfrider Foundation has initiated a Corporate Partners program.

Through annual membership contributions (for which tax credit can be received), leading corporations provide critical funding for our national operations and local issue-specific projects. Surfrider will recognize this support on its award-winning Web site, in its bimonthly membership newsletter, in its annual report, and through an annual acknowledgment ad in a national magazine.

The Surfrider Foundation seeks contributions from companies that recognize the importance of balancing environmental and economic objectives. Financial support is critical for Surfrider as a non-profit organization; also important is working with companies to identify policies and actions that will decrease negative impacts to our fragile environment. Therefore, with any annual contribution of 10,000 dollars or more, companies can join other Corporate Partners on a National Advisory Board.

Can My Employees Help, Too?

Surfrider also participates in Earth Share National and Earth Share of California. Earth Share is the nation’s top payroll-deduction fundraising organization for the environment. Companies establish the program at their workplace¿usually at the request of their employees¿through the convenience of payroll deduction. Earth Share represents an array of leading national and local environmental groups, such as Earthjustice Legal Defense Fund, Friends of the Earth, Land Trust Alliance, Pesticide Action Network, Safe Energy Communications Council, and Sierrra Club.

Employees can designate their gift to a specific participating group¿such as the Surfrider Foundation¿or give to the general Earth Share fund that’s distributed to all member organizations.

Sounds Great, But What’s In It For My Company?

As a surf-related business, your economic vitality is tied directly to environmental quality. For example, if the increasing trend of beach closings due to poor water quality continues, how many people will want to surf, bodyboard, or swim if they can’t find water that won’t make them sick?

The environment is everyone’s concern. By contributing a portion of your company’s profits to the Surfrider Foundation, you are accepting the global challenge to responsibly manage our environment.

Join other Corporate Partners who believe that preserving the beauty and health of the world’s oceans, waves, and beaches is one of the best investments they can make. To become a Corporate Partner or establish an Earth Share account today, please call Lori Booth at the Surfrider Foundation at: (949) 492-8170; or e-mail:

It will make a difference.