Surfrider Foundation 3 Second Movie Contest

Surfrider Foundation 3 Second Movie Contest

That dripping sink faucet often fades into white noise, but what most people don’t realize is that one leak can waste up to 20 gallons of water per day.

To raise awareness about our world’s water issues and the small changes individuals can do to help, Surfrider Foundation is proud to bring back the “3 Second Movie Contest” presented by Teva and Finlandia. Between now and March 15th, the Surfrider Foundation is challenging participants to capture the essence of water in just three seconds and submit a video via the Foundation’s Facebook page for a chance to win one of three grand prize packages that include gear from Teva and a GoPro HERO3 camera. The winners will be announced on March 22nd, World Water Day. Also on World Water Day, Surfrider Foundation will release a short film featuring the top movie selections.

Founded in 1993 by the United Nations, World Water Day is a global observance that highlights the need for the care and management of the world’s water resources. The Surfrider Foundation celebrates World Water Day to help educate and drive awareness and support for its various clean water campaigns and programs.

This year’s theme, “Water Cooperation” aims to raise awareness both on the potential for increased cooperation, and on the challenges facing water management in light of the increase in demand for water access, allocation and services.

We can all reduce our water footprint by making small changes in our daily routines. These actions not only help keep our oceans, waves and beaches clean, they can potentially help to save hundreds of dollars each year.

Improving and maintaining healthy ocean water quality has been one of the Surfrider Foundation’s top priorities since founding in 1984. By participating in World Water Day, the Foundation strives to raise awareness through its Clean Water Program about how the small changes we make in our daily lives have a huge impact on coastal water quality.