Surfrider Foundation Invites You To Paddle Out To Save Trestles

Activists Take to the Water to Draw Attention to the Save Trestles Campaign

San Clemente, CA (October 25, 2005) — In an effort to bring attention to the Save Trestles Campaign, the Surfrider Foundation invites you to Paddle Out on Saturday, October 29 at 10 am at Uppers, Trestles Beach, giving everyone an opportunity to paddle out to form a circle of solidarity in our efforts to protect Trestles.

“We need your support to help save Trestles, said Jim Moriarty Executive Director for Surfrider Foundation. “The proposed 241 Foothill-South toll road threatens the world-class surf break at Trestles and would also eliminate Southern California’s last remaining pristine coastal watershed.

If constructed as planned, the toll road may cause substantial degradation to the breaks at Trestles (including Uppers, Lowers, Middles, Cottons and Church). The road will run directly through San Mateo Creek, which is one of the last remaining undeveloped coastal watersheds in Southern California. This will inevitably result in dramatic decreases in water quality throughout the area, and alter the sediment flow. The existing clean water and large sand supply are critical elements of this world-renowned beach that will be threatened by the proposed construction.

Serge Dedina, Executive Director of WILDCOAST, will speak at the Paddle Out alongside dedicated local surfers and Surfrider Foundation activists.

Surfers, swimmers and other ocean enthusiasts enjoy the waters and waves of Trestles year round. There is no other place like it in California or the world. Among Southern Californian surfers, the Trestles breaks are known as “The Yosemite of Surfing.” It is a very special place. Please join us to speak out for Trestles so we can preserve it for our children and our future.

How Can I Speak Out for Trestles…

You can also show your support by attending the Department of Parks and Recreation State Park and Recreation Commission meeting on Thursday, November 3 at 7 pm at the San Clemente Community Center 100 North Calle Seville, San Clemente, CA. Show up early for a rally in support of Trestles. Directions: South Hwy 5 exit Palizada. Turn left on El Camino Real. Right onto Del Mar. North Hwy 5 exit Presidio. Turn left under freeway. Turn right onto El Camino Real. Left onto Del Mar.

The Surfrider Foundation is a non-profit grassroots organization dedicated to the protection and preservation of our world’s oceans, waves and beaches. Founded in 1984 by a handful of visionary surfers, the Surfrider Foundation now maintains over 45,000 members and 60 chapters across the United States and Puerto Rico, with international affiliates in Australia, Europe, Japan and Brazil.