Surfrider Foundation Voting Wish List

The Surfrider Foundation feels strongly about two measurescoming to the November 7 Statewide Ballot. We hope that you willconsider this information when going to vote.

Vote YES on Proposition 84

Summary: Prop 84 is a wide reaching bond measure that touchesalmost every area of water conservation in the state including:drinking water, water conservation, water planning, wetlandconservation, ecosystem protection and conservation, beachpreservation, and research. The bond itself is divided intodifferent chapters that represent the different areas that willreceive funding.

This proposition will create the Safe Drinking Water, WaterQuality and Supply, Flood Control, River and Coastal ProtectionFund of 2006. The fund will sell $5.3 billion worth of bondspursuant to the State General Obligation Bond Law, Chapter Four.$540 million dollars out of the fund is designated specificallyfor the protection of beaches, bays and coastal waters.

Proposition 84 will provide funding to develop river parkways,restore and protect urban streams, and keep contaminated stormwater runoff out of our rivers, lakes and streams. As well asfund programs to protect the San Francisco, Santa Monica and SanDiego bays and their watersheds.

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(Note: There are many bond issues on the ballot thatcumulatively would be an undue burden on the already delicatefinances of the state. However, this proposition is an exceptionand this proposition is of special importance and should besupported)===============================================================

Vote NO on Proposition 90

Summary: Prop 90 authorizes new lawsuits that will severely andnegatively impact state & local governments’ ability to enactand enforce environmental, land use, consumer protection andhousing laws and regulations. This initiative redefines “justcompensation” and greatly increases the cost of all propertyacquisitions by state and local agencies for neededinfrastructure like schools, parks, roads, levees, and otherpublic works. Prop 90 also imposes new taxpayer costs and willlimit the ability of our local governments to modify or updateexisting land use policies, general plans and other similardesignations that are in place to protect residents.

The proponent of this proposition, a wealthy East Coastdeveloper and well-known Libertarian, claims it’s simply aboutstopping the abuse of eminent domain by local governments; henceit’s been dubbed the “Save Our Homes” initiative.

Opposing groups have dubbed this as the “Taxpayer Trap”initiative, because of a hidden provision that says anyregulatory action by a city, county, or state agency could betermed as “damaging” the value of private property. Thisamendment to the State Constitution would result in billions ofdollars of taxpayer money being spent on litigation and payoutsfor bogus damages, and local and state agencies will bereluctant to regulate the uses that affect our air, water, andland.

The Coastal Commission, the State Air and Water Boards,Department of Fish and Game, and local zoning and planningbodies would all be adversely affected if Prop 90 passes.

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