Surfrider Updates On Trestles Toll Road

We all know that Trestles is priceless to us personally, but did you know the beach is worth millions and millions and…millions?

UCLA researchers have found that surfers attracted to Trestles generate millions of dollars for the local economy by spending money at restaurants, shopping, buying gas, rentals and other beach-related items. Researchers estimate surfers visiting Trestles generate from $8 million to $13 million a year for the City of San Clemente.

The other cool part of the data shows that nearly 83% of the surfers visiting Trestles originate from outside the city of San Clemente…and get this, the whole crunchy, surfer-dude stereotype that most surfers are young and underemployed is now officially debunked. The average Trestles surfer is 35.6 years of age, is well-educated (42% of respondents have a minimum of a college degree), works full time and earns a high wage (41% earn $80,000 or more in individual income).  Plus, they really know how to surf!  The average Trestles surfer has 19.7 years of surfing experience!  

So, What’s your surf spot worth?

Help researchers at UCLA conduct a survey of surfers who surf at California surf spots to evaluate their worth. You can help, click here Survey. Your participation can help us better protect and manage California surf spots in the future.

To learn more about the economic impacts Trestles has click here Economic Impacts.

Legislators and the Public Ask Secretary of Commerce to Protect San Onofre
The Commerce Department reports that over 25,000 comment letters have been received from the public. Thousands of you have told them not to overturn the Coastal Commission. Two letters from legislators are notable

First, 27 members of Congress including Senator Barbara Boxer and Rep. Susan Davis told the Secretary of Commerce: “We write to express our opposition to the Orange County Foothill South Toll Road project as currently proposed and to ask that you uphold the decision by the California Coastal Commission.”…”We do not believe that the TCA can satisfy any of the criteria on which you are required to base your decision.”

Then, 35 members of the CA Legislature wrote in and called for the Commerce Department to respect the rights of the Coastal Commission to manage the state’s coastal resources saying: “The Commission’s decision was clear regarding the incompatibility and inconsistency of the Foothill-South Toll Road project with coastal protection laws. As such, its decision should receive appropriate deference during the appeal process. We urge you to uphold the Commission’s decision and deny the appeal – respect the public process that has already ruled on this project and respect our state’s right to protect our citizens, our coast and our natural resources.

Huge thanks go out to our supporters, activists and legislators. Click here

The 241 Toll Road is Missing the Mark—Literally
The LA times recently reported that ridership on the 241 toll road is down 4% and if the trend continues, the Transportation Corridor Agencies (TCA) will miss their projected budget by 8%.

For the article. click here LA Times article.

We still have not heard when and where the next public hearing will be. We do know that it will be sometime this summer or early fall. Help us start spreading the word now. Last time, over 3,000 people attended the Coastal Commission hearing, and with your help, we can get thousands of people to attend the Secretary of Commerce hearing. Our Federal government needs to see first hand hhow many people want to protect Trestles and San Onofre State Beach–and your help is key.