Surftech Offers New Technology And Specialized Models For 2007

Surftech proudly announces the Spring 2007 release of our Signature Pro TL2’s. Showing publicly for the first time at the 2007 tradeshows, these boards represent the most advanced surfboards on the market today. Designed by a select group of shapers, the Signature Pro TL2’s combine performance-driven composite construction with the modern, refined designs demanded by the best surfers in the world. While TL2 technology was originally developed with the intention of better serving the unique performance demands of the professional surf community, the flex and super responsive core make it the choice for serious surfers worldwide. Working carefully with shapers who specialize in shaping for the professional surf community, the TL2’s encompass a wide range of boards used in competitive surfing. Included in the Spring 2007 series are models for Josh Kerr, Timmy Reyes, Shayne Dorian, Pancho Sullivan and a four-fin model for Nathan Fletcher, designed respectively by Rusty, Patterson, JC, Bushman and Stretch.

Tested extensively by surfers throughout the 2006 winter season, TL2’s have proven themselves everywhere from the heavy North Shore training ground to international ASP events. “We are really excited about the positive feedback we’re getting says Surftech Marketing Manger, Sander Nauenberg, “With the caliber of surfers riding these new models, it is going to be an eye opening year. While currently certain TL2 models are available in stores, the new signature series models are slated to be available in select stores in Summer 2007.

Also for 2007, Surftech is excited about diversifying their range of offerings to the longboard community though new shapers as well as the introduction of Classic Glass. “Certain surfer’s styles and select classic longboards are better suited to a heavier glass job says Surftech Product Developer, Corey Davis “By sitting lower in the water, the way these boards ride reflects the classic feel that so many surfers seek. Available in only a small selection of wood veener models from shapers such as August, Yater and Takayama, Classic Glass boards keep alive the legacy of modern surfing’s earlier years. Along with Classic Glass, the legendary labels of Becker and Harbour join Surftech in offering models for 2007. The return of Harbour marks an exciting time in Surftech history. One of the most sought-after labels in the longboarding industry, Harbour’s original Tuflites were only available for a short time in the mid 90’s. The return of Harbour represents the ultimate validation of Tuflite technology and exemplifies the success that shapers feel Tuflite-constructed models brings to their labels. Look for the new Harbour and Becker models as well as Classic Glass and additional new models from Surftech to become available at retail in Spring and Summer 2007.

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