Swatch Girls Pro Returns To Hainan Island, China

Swatch Girls Pro China Hosted By Wanning 2012

Excitement Builds In Advance Of ASP Women’s Longboard World Championship
21-25 November 2012
Wanning, Hainan Island, China Beijing

The official press conference for the SWATCH GIRLS PRO CHINA hosted by Wanning 2012 was held in China's capital, Beijing, before an enthusiastic audience of media and dignitaries. With the event less than six weeks away, China's action sports fans are turning their attention to Hainan Island, and in particular, the coastal resort of Wanning, where the classy pointbreak set-up of Riyuewan Bay is set to welcome the finest female longboard surfers in the world.

Swatch's groundbreaking involvement in the sport of surfing in China has helped communicate the brand's values to fans of surfing and action sports across the Far East and the world over. "What makes this event so special are the surfers from all around the world that come here to surf, to discover and have fun, each bringing their own unique energy, creativity and love of the ocean. Swatch is a brand that is constantly changing, evolving and creating, and this event perfectly encompasses those shared goals," said Susan Chen, President of Swatchgroup China.

With the event enjoying incredible support from the local community, Mayor Wu of Wanning expressed the gratitude and pride the people of Wanning feel in hosting the event, and under-lined the strong appeal of nature, especially the coastline, in the area. "Wanning is located on the southeast coast of Hainan Island, with over 100 km of pristine bays, islands and headlands with incredible, uncrowded surfing potential. We are honoured to be welcome some of the best surfers in the world for the second year running."

Contest Director Dane Jordan of the Association of Surfing Professionals (ASP) outlined the depth of talent from across the surfing world that will be contesting the 2012 ASP World Title at the event. "This year we'll be crowning the SWATCH GIRLS PRO China 2012 event winner as well as the 2012 ASP Women’s Longboard Champion. We have an incredible field of pro surfers from all corners of the globe including Hawaii, Australia, California, South Africa, Japan and Europe, as well as local Chinese wildcards."

Meanwhile, Swatch pro team surfer Kassia Meador, one of the favorites for top honors in 2012 after a semifinal finish in 2011, gave her own take on the event's continued success, and summed up what it means to the riders to be part of surfing history in China. "When I got into surfing as a kid, it was the idea of travelling and discovery in places like Wanning that I first dreamed about. Being able to surf an event here with all the other amazing girls on tour and bring the beauty of surfing to a brand new audience in China is like a dream come true for us."

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