Swedish Designer “Reinvents” The Surfboard

I was just about to start ripping into this strangely shaped board made by Swedish designer Thomas Meyerhoffer (the same guy who invented the see thru Macintosh computers) until I came to the end of the article where Peter Mel was quoted as saying “I was pleasantly surprised, I didn’t know how good it would feel for how odd it looks. It just had a real nice flow to it.” Anyway, perhaps it's time to think outside the box instead of knee-jerk write offs like I almost did…

Thomas Meyerhoffer

Thomas Meyerhoffer and his unique surfboards. Photo: www.sfgate.com

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The Swedish designer responsible for Apple’s first translucent laptop has gone outside the box again to deliver what he calls his best – and most personal – product to date: a makeover of the classic long board.

Meyerhoffer believes that his reinvention will give surfers a more intimate, versatile ride, as long as they get past that shape.

“Surfers, I would say half of them, are really conservative,” Meyerhoffer says on an overcast morning at Montara State Beach, a few blocks from his home and design studio. “You have to get to the ocean, paddle out, get to the right spot, then when you ride your wave, it’s like ‘1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7,’ and your wave is done.

“You don’t really want to miss a wave, so there’s a certain amount of people who are comfortable with what they ride and don’t really get to the point where they want to experiment.”

He’s worked for Bay Area companies Ideo and Apple and developed innovations in both sports and technology, from wraparound ski goggles to windsurfing sails to the eMate, an Apple product that was the first to use a translucent plastic case.

Many designers add. Meyerhoffer took away. He cut out the sides, creating a distinct waist and hip that extended the contours – and benefits – of a short board. He tapered the tail to increase speed, but kept its length to balance the weight up front. There, the width remains to make nose-riding possible.

The result is an unexpectedly fast and fun hybrid, according to some of the sport’s most-recognized names. It glides like a long board, turns like a short board. It is light and easy to paddle.

“I was pleasantly surprised,” said Maverick’s surfer Peter Mel. “I didn’t know how good it would feel for how odd it looks. It just had a real nice flow to it.”