Sweetwater Pro Am Party Pics

Nick Rupp
Miss Reef
Miss Reef
Rob Machado

Spy's Regional Mid Atlantic Boot Camp And Reef's Sweetwater Pro Am

July 15-17, 2011 marked Spy's 1st mid Atlantic regional Boot Camp as well as the 7th annual Reef Sweetwater Pro Am.

The winner's of the Spy Boot Camp are Kyle Sehnem from Shady Characters , Matt Hougentogler from Action Motorsports, Erin Gardner from Sunrise surf shop and Stefanie Dodge from Boardwalk.

There were a lot of fun times that revolved around the Sweetwater Pro Am. Boot camp winners wake boarded, booze cruised and hung out o the beach enjoying the excellent weather and surfers ripping in the competition. Hanging under the Spy tent the Boot Campers got to hang out with North Carolina legion Ben Bourgeois and the young ripper Nick Rupp.

From the beach, boating or whatever the activity of the day was it was off to BBQ's, dinners and always the "pre party". There is nothing better than good ol southern light life at Red Dog's or Neptune’s, where the whole town gathers to celebrate well into the night.

On Saturday night the Reef bikini contest turned into a 3-hour dance fest where there were plenty of smiles and beverages flowing throughout Red Dog's.

Special thanks going out to Benny B, Nick Rupp and Lydia, Natalyn and the rest of the Sweetwater crew that bought out that southern hospitality.