Taj Burrow Helicopter Footage Coming Soon

Taj Burrow’s next video project is promising to blow the boundaries of conventional surf-film making beyond all reason thanks to a flurry of perfect late season swells and a kamikaze helicopter pilot. Film maker Rick Rifici, who had commandeered the chopper (at $1,500 an hour, mostly covered by TB) for two days of footage back in November, was able to capture eight hours of previously unseen angles and mind-blowingly tight footage of TB flying over, threading, and obliterating the crystal-green Indian Ocean of Australia’s West Coast.


“It’s unbelievable, said Ronnie Blakey, editor of Australia’s Waves, who was privileged enough to witness a short preview of the footage in Sydney recently. “The helicopter pilot is a freak. You’ve never seen such close footage from the air and Taj is ripping. Monster alley-oops in ankle deep water over opal-colored reef, as well as floaters and snaps and maybe best of all is the tuberiding. You follow his silhouette moving through these cylinders, it’s truly remarkable on every level. I know Taj hasn’t seen the footage, but he told me Vance (Taj’s Dad) has been calling him non-stop to tell him it’s absolutely amazing. I think you can expect this next video to be one of the best ever.

The best news for Transworld fans is our very own senior lensmen Dustin “D-Hump Humphrey and Kevin “Twiggy Sharland were there, in the Huey and on land to capture every frame of it and you can get the whole exclusive story from Taj himself in the (April 2004) edition of TransWorld SURF. Miss that one, kids, and you may as well get back on your longboards.—Blako