Tarp surfers are up for a People’s Choice Award after nabbing Mountain Dew commercial

Santa Cruz tarp surfers Homer Henard, Omar Etcheverry and Nic Lamb have been on quite the ride this year ever since their breakthrough video went viral. The youtube clip has more than 2.4 million views now, and as Santa Cruz Sentinal reporter Isaiah Guzman reports, it has them riding the “proverbial endless tarp.”

The video got people all over the world buying tarps, and now up for a People’s Choice award…

It also landed the video’s three cast members in an upcoming Mountain Dew commercial.

“We created this thing out of nothing,” said Homer Henard, one of the masterminds behind the video. “We were just pulling tarp and now we’re getting paid to be in a commercial. It just shows that with a little imagination and a little creativity anything is possible.”

The boys will be up against some stiff competition in the viral video category, including “The Paparazzi” and “Giant Double Rainbow,” which have 43 and 20 million views respectively. (Really?)

The tarp surfing video has perhaps a more involved following than its competitors. A trend has started throughout the world as evidenced by tarp surfing website postings and requests for interviews and television spots from Japanese and European media.

“That would be pretty hilarious if they had us tarp on the (awards),” Etcheverry said. “Maybe they’ll have us push a rock star through there or an actor.”

“I would ask people in the county to go vote for these guys,” said Danny Keith, who runs the group’s website, TarpSurfing.com, and owns Santa Cruz Skate and Surf Shop on 41st Avenue. “Why don’t you help the boys bring one home?”

We couldn’t agree more. Good luck boys.