Taylor Knox To Host Power Surfing Clinic

Taylor Knox
Taylor Knox Hosts Surf Clinics For Kids At School Of Hard Knox

Carlsbad, CA (March 20, 2012) – In an era dominated by above-the-lip surfing, World Tour stalwart and power surfing connoisseur Taylor Knox will be reintroducing full-rail surfing to today’s youth. Presented by Dragon, beginning on March 21, Knox will host the first installment of his signature “School of Hard Knox” training sessions. The first session will be held at Ponto Beach for the Carlsbad and San Dieguito surf teams. The following day, on March 22, Knox will head north to Huntington Beach to put on a clinic with the HB Surf Team.

Hailing from Carlsbad, CA, Knox has spent an impressive 19 years on tour and is thrilled at the prospect of passing on the art of proper power surfing to the next generation. “I really enjoy helping the kids out whenever I can,” says Knox. “I grew up idolizing guys like Curren and Occy and I can’t wait to impart some of that technique to the kids. Basically, I’m going to be talking to them about fitness and teaching them the different techniques behind power surfing and how to really use their rail. I’m really excited to work with the kids on this project.”

According to Rick Irons, Global Brand Manager for Dragon, this is an amazing opportunity for the high school surf teams to learn the ins and outs of power surfing from a legend. “So much of what’s happening in the lineups today are tricks and fins-free surfing. And that’s great and all, but what we’re hoping to do with the School of Hard Knox is to show the young kids just how important the rail is and how to use it. Who better to do that than Taylor.”

As part of the training sessions, the surf teams will learn exercises and stretches from Taylor’s trainer Paul Hinecker and have takeaway information that they can use going forward to stay fit and surf with more power. Also, there will be individual expression sessions with personal coaching and input from Taylor himself on technique and “how-to” steps on specific maneuvers.

Taylor and Dragon would like to thank our partner sponsors Channel Island Surfboards who will have their board demo at the practices, and Surfride Surfshop and Huntington Surf and Sport who will be donating prizes for the best power surfing of the day. Rip Curl and Aerial 7 will also be donating prizes for the students for best power surfing and performance

Dragon’s official website is www.DragonAlliance.com.

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