Teahupoo Pumping For The Trails

Steph Kohne over the falls. Photo: ASP

Dylan Longbottom on a bomb during the tow session. Photo: ASP

The Air Tahiti Nui – Von Zipper trials got underway this weekend at classic Teahupoo. The early standout has been Hawaii’s Jamie O’brien who has looked as comfortable here as he does at his homebreak, Pipeline. J.O.B. is my pick to win the trials and ruffle some WCT feathers in the main event, for sure.

The swell peaked late yesterday afternoon at 5m, causing event organizers to call the contest because it was too big! For paddle-in surfing that is. With some of the worlds best tow-in surfers around, including several contestants, the contest made way for one of the best jet ski induced sessions of the year.

The swell backed off over night and has subdued to 8 to 12ft. with dreamy light offshore winds. The event is on right now, with Kalani Chapman and Danny Wills in Quarterfinal Heat 4 as I type.