Team Barbados Pulls Out Of ISA World Surfing Games Citing High Airfare

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THE RISING COST of air fare along with a lack of finances has put a damper on Barbados’ plans to send a team to next month’s International Surfing Association’s (ISA) World Surfing Games in Portugal.

President of the Barbados Surfing Association Paul Heaselgrave said the association has had to cancel plans for this year’s event but was already looking at next year’s calendar.

He said members were selected for the team after the last Surfer Of The Year event and those surfers were approached.

“It came down to a matter of finance, where the association was only able to put up so much of the money for a team to travel, so in essence the competitors, who were responsible for their subvention and to pay for a part of the travel allowance, I think they decided unanimously that it wasn’t viable for us to send a team,” he said.

Heaselgrave stressed the ISA World Surfing Games was a team sport, so while the BSA could have sent individual surfers in some of the categories, it would not have been in the island’s best interest.

He revealed airfare to Portugal for each surfer was $3 500 and it cost another $1 000 for each surfer to enter the contest. That total did not include cost of accommodation and other incidentals.

A full team would have included four Open men, two Open women, two male body-boarders, one female body-boarder and a long-boarder.

“A point that has to be stressed is that the cost of international travel is accelerating faster than our budget,” Heaselgrave told SUNSPORT.