Team Body Glove Visits The North Shore-Of Puerto Rico.

Back in Hawaii, the Triple Crown season is kicking into gear and the North Shore’s brimming with excitement for what looks to be another great season. This year, however, Team Body Glove decided to take a different path to Oahu—through Puerto Rico. If you’ve ever been to or read about Puerto Rico, you may know how comparable the Northwest shore of the island is to the North Shore of Hawaii. And during the ten days the team was there, the waves mirrored Hawaii’s seven-mile miracle just as much.

From the moment upon arrival, the waves were easily in the ten- to twelve-foot-range and stayed strong all the way to the end. According to the locals, the swell action was common but an uncommon, constant Northeast wind and rain kind of blew conditions up at mainstay spots such as Middles and Jobos. When the wind messes things up there everyone just seems to go to spots in downtown Aguadilla or Rincon where the same wind might be side to offshore.

Jason Bennett, Mike Losness, Travis Mellem flew all the way from California for a different taste of winter surf and were surprised by the amount of quality they found thanks to logistic support from team rider Carlos Cabrero and Body Glove’s Puerto Rican super rep Rene DiCristina.

Puerto Rico’s home to many great surfers such as Carlos and Juan Ashton and is producing more and more in the upcoming generation. Another team rider, CJ Hobgood showed up midway during the trip to prep himself for the Triple Crown. His visit came on one of the best days of the trip and turned it into a bit of a super session at a spot near the famous break Gas Chambers.

Despite constant changes in the weather, somewhere, if not most spots, were good. If there was a need to get away it wasn’t a problem because there are so many geographic angles of coves and points that wind direction can hurt some and help others. It really is beautiful.

Body Glove’s newest team rider, Karina Petroni waited for the weather to calm down a bit before joining the trip near the end. As a young upcoming women’s star, watching her impressive surfing combined with a graceful style was a great ending to a great trip. Karina loves Puerto Rico and she, like everyone else, was grateful for the hospitality received from all the locals. The team is looking forward to getting back to the other North Shore-soon. Muchas gracias.