Team USA Avoiding the Slaughterhouse at Billabong ISA World Games

Team USA’s last few adventures in ISA World Surfing Games competition have not gone well. That’s a mild way of putting it when you get your ass kicked by countries like Jamaica, Italy and Switzerland.

To be clear, I’m not exactly sure we actually lost to all those teams in the past, but I distinctly recall somebody trying to celebrate the fact that we earned a copper medal (does it matter if that’s for 5th or 4th place?) and when that happens you know something has gone horribly wrong.

But things seem to be improving this year, thanks to our new hard-liner coach, Ian Cairns.

This event may only be a battle of the B-Teams when it comes to the celebrity status of those involved, but there’s still plenty of pride on the line. When team members aren’t trying to hook up with somebody from another country, they’re often waving a flag in their face, which we all know is a tantric form of foreplay.

Yet Team USA seems to be keeping the rubber-necking to a minumum, which might be why they’re actually doing well…so far. As of today Cory Lopez, Ben Bougerois, and Austin Ware are all still fighting it out in the Men’s Open division for Team USA. Meanwhile our bitter rivals, the Aussies, have take some serious hits. As expected, the hot Costa Rica sun was too much for the red-headed Mick Campbell to handle, and he melted down early along with the Aussie groms they flew over, leaving big boy Dyyan Neve is their only remaining hope.

Here are the highlights. Stay tuned for more updates…