Ten Reasons To Love Kelly Slater

Ten Reasons …

Ten Reasons To Love Kelly Slater

1. He’s the best surfer ever. Ask anyone from Joe Pro to Nurse Nancy, “Who’s the best surfer ever?” The answer you’ll get much more often than not is Kelly Slater.

2. He came from a poor background and a rough home life to become a self-made millionaire and the most recognizable face in the sport.

3.Kelly Slater In Black And White. In 1991, Quiksilver released the now-legendary short video documentary about a young Kelly Slater on his way to the top of the surfing food chain. Epic sections include giant Tavarua, the 1990 Pipe Masters, and who could ever forget “star trunks” at the Lowers Body Glove Surfbout.

4.He was romantically involved with Pamela Anderson.

5.In 2003, he authored Pipe Dreams, a tell-all book recounting his childhood, and candidly desribing about women, sex, parties, pressure, and competition. The book has sold well and rumors in Hollywood say that a movie could be in the works.

6.He’s been featured in Versace ads and was named one of People magazine’s “50 Most Beautiful People in the World.” All before he was 30.

7.He was on Baywatch. Sure a lot of people hate him for this, but let’s think about it: A starring role on what was one of the world’s most popular shows-that’s pretty cool. No one was pissed when Sean Penn joined the cast of Friends.

8.His breakout section in Momentum and Momentum 2, especially the backside air he blasted at the end of the opening part.

9.His dedication to charity. Kelly has donated piles of money and hours of time to charities like the Florida School For Children of Downs Syndrome and the Life Rolls On Foundation.

10. He brought you Kelly Slater Pro Surfer, and you know you played that shit ’til your thumbs went numb.

Ten Reasons To Hate Kelly Slater

1.He’s been intimate with Pam Anderson and you haven’t (unless you’re Tommy Lee or Kid Rock or Vince Neil or that one model dude).

2.He’s better than you’ll ever, ever, ever be at surfing. Deal with it.

3.He wrestled a rubber octopus in a mystical cave on Baywatch.

4.He robbed Rob Machado of a world title. In a close race, Kelly barely nudged out Rob for what would’ve been his first world title. (This one is for Rob fans.)

5.He’s rich. His contract with Quiksilver was once the biggest in surfing’s history-multimillions.

6.He’s had thousands of hand-shaped Al Merricks and no doubt gets the best surfboards in the world. How many hand-shaped Al Merricks have you had?

7.He rented out Tavarua for his famous friends and forgot to invite you.

8.He hangs with hot celebs like Paris Hilton and Cameron Diaz.

9.He was in a band called The Surfers. The band was good, but the name was bad.

10. Did we mention Pamela Anderson?