Ten Reasons Why Newport Beach Is So Great…

1. The South Swells-There’s nothing like a big south swell in the summertime in Newport. The Point, Wedge, Cylinders, Big Corona, River Jetties-all the standout spots pick up a good south swell just right. There’s just something special about looking down the beach and seeing perfect lefts peeling off every jetty.

2. The House Parties-There’s always that one crazy kid in high school whose parents are gone on a three-month vacation and left him with the mansion overlooking the bay. And when you run out of beer, Daddy oh so conveniently left the keys to his brand-new Porsche and the platinum card. Thanks, Bubby!

3. The Jetties-There are lots of jetties in Newport and jetties mean one thing: peaks. With a jetty every four blocks, no matter what the swell direction is, there’s always at least one that has a good peak on it. Now all you have to do is find the right one.

4. The OC-Not the county, the TV show. Stop playing dumb, you all watch The OC just admit it. It’s like a bad wreck on the freeway-everyone stops and looks. Now we all know that The OC is technically about Orange County, but c’mon, it really should be called The NB.

5. The Wedge-Everyone has seen the killer photos of pros surfing at the Wedge. But let’s not kid ourselves here, very rarely is it a really good makeable wave. Most of the time the Wedge is just a giant lump of ocean that pukes itself silly in two feet of water. Perfect for heckling the spongers when they eat a huge shit burger on those hot summer afternoons.

6. The Surf Industry Calls It Home-Volcom, Quiksilver, Billabong, Hurley, Black Flys, Vestal, Paul Frank, Aleeda, and more have all had their offices in Newport at least some point in time. Try surfing 54th Street on a good day-there are so many marketing directors and team managers in the lineup, you might as well be at ASR. Don’t forget to bring your rà‡sumà‡.

7. The Fourth of July-Just another holiday excuse to have a good time? Of course it is! And the city of Newport Beach does not f-k around when it comes to parties. They basically close down the entire town, block off all the streets, and have a huge kegger. But, watch out, they’ll bust you for drinking in the streets and there’s lots of yolked out meatheads from Riverside …

8. The Boardwalk-There’s a concrete boardwalk that spans over two miles of prime beachfront and on any given day is home to hundreds of the most gorgeous women in the world, most of them in nothing but the skimpiest of bikinis. Just grab your darkest pair of shades, hop on a bike, and you’re in there. For some reason, 34th Street always has at least a dozen Barely Legal future centerfolds. Trust me.

9. The Vibe-For as many people who are condensed into such a small area, the vibe in Newport is usually pretty mellow. There are always the typical friendly faces in the lineup, most of them willing to split a good peak coming your way. The older guys in the lineup really push the groms, and as long as you wait your turn and show some respect, even you can get a good set every now and then.

10. shorescrew.com-Got a nice little tube at 54th? Had a little too much to drink at the house party down the street? Made out with what you thought was a hottie in the alley when you thought no one was looking? Wrong. Log on to shorescrew.com and see what all the inside scoop is really about. You’re never safe from the prying eyes of the ShoresCrew.

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