Ten Things I Love About Santa Cruz

1. The Waves

We have a variety of different waves that could make you an ASP world tour leader-although Adam Replogle, Chris Gallagher, and even Vince Collier in the late 70s are the only ones to

achieve this. I like the beachbreaks with ramps and, of course, the nice point breaks. I’m being vague because I’m not the leader to follow.

2. Friends And Family

That includes west, east, south, and midtowners. All the boys will talk shit about each other, and everyone gives each other a hard time, but that keeps you down to earth, makes you stronger, and creates a positive road to the future. So don’t get too hurt when the boys write you off-it’ll just make you stronger in the long run.

3. The Clean Air

It’s important, and when the redwoods are five minutes from the ocean, that gives you the proper oxygen to make you cuckoo.

4. The Beautiful Scenery And Landscapes

Places like the Monterey Bay Sanctuary. There’s still wilderness around-parks and green spots. There’re just so many really pretty places to see.

5. The Sunsets

The sun sets on the west side, so they’re always great. A sunset cruise on the cliffs is relaxing, especially when it ends up at NBs.

6. The Tranny Girls

These are girls who come to Santa Cruz to go to college. They’re horny, smart, and they come and leave in four years. So don’t give a tranny girl too much of your heart or you’ll have a broken one, because they leave after they graduate college.

7. The West Side

… is the best side. Growing up on the west side and having a non-surfing family was strange, but all the elders took me into their surfing families, which I appreciate still to this day. Thanks, all the carps and carpettes.

8. The Ewok Trail

A secret little trail that only certain members of the community know about-you don’t, but I do.

9. The Chronic

“The chronic” can mean many different things. The different varieties of music you can see and witness in Santa Cruz are great, the greenery (that includes the trees and succulents), and, of course, that illegal form of chronic that should be legal because it reduces stress.

10. It’s Home

Everybody loves their hometown. I think that Santa Cruzers take a special pride in this town. We have an extra special love for our little zone. I love you, S.C.