Textbook 2-4 Jay Larson

The Frontside Power Carve

By Jay Larson

Steps one and two:
First pick a spot on the wave where you want to do your turn. Set your rail to start the turn and push hard off the tail.

Step three:
Stay low and compact. Start transferring your weight forward over your front foot, while keeping your weight and your balance over the board. The more rail you have in the water, the harder you’ll be able to push. Use your shoulders and hips to guide you through the turn¿it’s all in the hips. The most important thing to remember is keeping your weight and balance over the board.

Steps four and five:
Push hard to sink your board, it’s okay if you lose momentum¿just stay over your board and transfer your weight back to your tail, that’ll help keep you from pearling.

Steps six and seven:
When you feel you’re completing the turn, stop pushing. Transfer your weight to the tail of your board to start your next bottom turn. Then do another one.