Textbook 2-4 Tyler Smith and Ratboy

How To Paint Your Surfboard

words by Tyler Smith and Ratboy

Photographers and photo editors alike agree that a colorful board is a happy board. You’re not as likely to get a shot in a magazine on an all-white board. The easiest and cheapest way to make your board pretty and colorful is to draw on it yourself. It’s very easy and really fun. While on a surfing expedition to Australia, Tyler Smith, with help from Rat, show you the steps it takes to make yourself look like a cool pro surfer.

– A clear-coat white, preferably new surfboard
– Poska pens, fresh off the boat from Japan (or the American equivalent)
– A can of clear spray enamel

Step One:
Clean the board, wiping off any dust or wax.

Step Two:
Pick your color scheme. In this case, red and yellow.

Step Three:
Think of an idea and start drawing on the board. If you can’t draw, have a friend help you. If you mess up, just redo over the messed up line and cover it up with the same color.

Step Four:
Let board dry before spraying.

Step Five:
Spray two or three even strokes. Don’t spray too thick¿no drips.

Step Six:
Show off your cool new paint job that you did all by yourself!