Textbook 3 -8

The Jersey SlashbackBy Dean Randazzo

“I learned to do this turn from watching old movies of Shaun Tomson. This turn here is a variation of his, which was a slashback halfway under the lip, and he’d get barreled; mine is a more of an open-face slash all the way around.”-Dean Randazzo

Step One: First and foremost is speed-you should have a lot. Look to project your bottom turn, find a spot at the top of the wave, and lean back as you get into it. Once you start, drop your wave-side shoulder back, stick your hand in the water for leverage, and apply more pressure to your back foot.

Step Two: Combined with the push from the back foot, your front foot should guide your turn and your board. The goal is to keep it as close to you as possible and get it back under you.

Step Three: Compress your body and get your weight over the board. You’re also transferring the pressure from your back foot to your front foot, grabbing the outside rail, and feeling the tail slide down.

Step Four: Fully compressed, your front hand keeps your rail from digging in.

Step Five: Now you’ve brought the turn around as much as you can and need to return the weight back to your back foot to prevent the rail from digging again on the way out.

Steps Six And Seven: You’ve let go of the rail and now must get your balance back so you’re able to set up for either your next turn or to regain more speed for the next section. Don’t get too anxious to move forward, because you’re readjusting the rail.