Textbook 3 – 8

How To Do Frontside-Grab ReversesBy Flea

“We couldn’t get a quote from Flea because he was somewhere in West Oz losing his mind.”-The editors of TransWorld SURF

Step One:Get a lot of speed and hit the oncoming section. Stay compressed while you go for the frontside grab.

Step Two:While grabbing, spin 180 degrees in a frontside rotation. Huck your back foot around and follow it with your body, all while staying centered over your board.

Step Three:Dig your nose into the wave and land fakie. Stay calm, and visualize yourself floating above the whitewash.

Steps Four, Five, And Six:Feel your fins catch, and go into your frontside reversal.

Steps Seven, Eight, And Nine:Look up to see if the air has cleared, then stand up like you’ve just pulled something worthwhile.