Textbook – Backside Late Drops

How To Do Backside Late Drops With Mike Todd

“That wave was cool. I was getting hassled in this heat and needed a wave. I paddled for it-I actually wanted to go left, but it turned into a right from where I was so I just went.

“While paddling, the wind was blowing the lip into my eyes, but I was so committed I had to go! I got hung up in the lip, but it let me go at the last second. I fell to the bottom and somehow landed on the board-it was just instinct to pull in. I didn’t come out of it, so I wasn’t that stoked, but I made the heat and had another try to get a good one.” – Mike Todd

Steps One And Two:
Paddle into the wave with full commitment. Stand up like a man, and feel the weightlessness.

Steps Three And Four:
Stay centered over your board until you feel your fins take hold.

Steps Five And Six:
Regain control. Now look over your shoulder as you bottom-turn into the pit of death.