Textbook¿Clint Kimmins

Steps One, Two, And Three: Like any air, you’ll need speed and a good ramp to launch off. There are three main movements involved in getting into this trick: First, kick your back leg karate-style to make your tail spin; second, center your weight over your board; and third, bend your knees. Once into it, your shoulders help your spin (notice the difference in slides one and two) come around, and your arms will help you keep your balance without grabbing.

Steps Four, Five, And Six: You’ve spun as far as possible, and now have to aim at fulfilling the spin and keeping your balance while you fall with the wave. Upon landing, your weight should be on your back foot to make the spin complete and the fall easier. As you float down, bend your knees in order to keep better stability through the turbulent landing. Your head should begin turning toward the beach. Hitting the bottom, the best possible way to come out is with the knees bent in full crouch position¿this way there’s less possibility of being thrown off or passed up by the wave.

Steps Seven And Eight: Once the turbulence subsides and you’re completely stable, slowly get up and claim your air.