Textbook – Get sponsored

How To Get Hooked Up
(So you can get free stuff and all the girls you want …)
With Jeremy Heit

Step One:
Collect all of the photos run in magazines or any other print that show you doing your thang. Video footage is GOLD if you’ve got it. Put together some general information about yourself¿where you’re from, how old you are, etc. Some contest results are good, just the big ones, though. Don’t start adding every school contest you’ve been in, or ones you’ve made up. Next go to Kinko’s, or wherever, and make copies.

Step Two:
Before sending out your portfolio, think about which companies you want to represent¿not just who’ll give you free stuff. Be true to your steez.

Step Three:
Contact team managers and introduce yourself. Let them know you’re interested in riding for them and you want to send in your portfolio. After you send out your portfolio, follow up with a phone call or two. Stay on top of it!