Textbook: How To Bury Your Rail

Textbook How To Bury Your RailWith Mike Losness

“Geoff Moysa taught me how do this turn back in the day at T-Pit T-Street in San Clemente, California.”-Mike Losness

Step One:Make sure you have enough speed to put the board on rail. Next, go around the section and start your turn.

Step Two:
Get as low to the wave as you can without falling over. At the same time, start twisting your body.

Step Three:
Just as you’ve completed half the turn, try to lean forward toward the nose of your board and bury the rail as much as possible.

Steps Four And Five:
Shift almost all your weight to your back foot and push the tail out as hard as you can to release the fins. Then let the fins catch to stop your slide.

Steps Six And Seven:
Put the board back straight, and try to ride out the wave. Do this just before the whitewash hits so you don’t get eaten by it.