Textbook: How To Do Carving Backside 360 Floaters

How To Do Carving Backside 360 FloatersWith C.J. Hobgood

“If you get a chance, watch Luke Egan do these-he’s the best in the biz.”-C.J. Hobgood

Step One:
Approach the section like you’re going to hit the lip backside.

Steps Two And Three:
Make sure to get your board as twelve o’ clock as possible. Try to get vertical, because your fins will do the rest of the spinning work for you.

Step Four:
After you’ve got your board as twelve o’clock as possible, shift your weight off the tail so you can spin around.

Step Five:
Slide your foot up toward the nose and shift all your weight to the front foot-go with the flow. The biggest thing to remember is that once you’ve spun about three quarters of the way around, you need to get your weight off the front foot and move it back to its original position.

Step Six:
Shift your weight back to the tail so you don’t dig your nose, or worse yet, come out of the maneuver in full dooky stance.

Steps Seven And Eight:
Once you’ve spun around, make sure you put on the “I’m not even trying” face so it looks like you do that stuff all the time. If your buddy’s in the way, try to run him over to finish off the wave.