Textbook – How To Do Frontside Airs To Lipslidewords by Banning Capps

How To Do Frontside Airs To Lipslide
words by Banning Capps[IMAGE 1]

“Working out is key for this trick, try gymnastics. Get experimental if you have to¿try something on land before you get in the water.”¿Banning Capps

Step One:
You want to have some speed to do this trick, but not a lot¿ about 90 miles per hour.

Step Two:
When you feel the fins release on the lip, don’t fight it¿just ride it.

Step Three:
You never know¿something out of the trick bag might come about.

Step Four:
Keep boosting ’til you throw up, or just throw up and don’t boost.

Step Five:
Hold your position and ride out.