Textbook – How To Do Frontside Cutbacks

Textbook – How To Do Frontside Cutbacks
By Taylor Knox

“I think it all started when I was young. I’d paddle out at my local Carlsbad, California beachbreak and watch Phil Trible or Paul Barr’s cutbacks.”-Taylor Knox


Steps One And Two:
A great cutback starts with a good bottom turn. It sets up the whole turn-it’s how you’ll get the most speed, and it’s the key to good surfing. With speed, get out onto the open face of the wave-near the edge of the lip or close to it.

Steps Three And Four:
Push your back foot hard while using your front foot to steer the board around.

Steps Five And Six:
When you’re at the bottom of the wave, step hard on the tail and aim your board at the whitewater. Then crouch and bring the board around when it bounces off the whitewater. Keep surfing.