Textbook – How To Do Frontside Double-Grab One

Textbook – How To Do Frontside Double-Grab One -Motions By Jeff Myers

“Gain a controlled amount of speed, and focus on your section, your grab, and your maneuver.”-Jeff Myers


Step One:
When you begin your launch, whip your tail with your body weight and grab both rails as soon as you begin lifting out of the section.

Step Two:
Get a firm grip on both rails, and follow your spin rather than trying to force it.

Step Three:
Double-grabbing both rails allows you to stay planted over your board and will make your landing that much easier. Continue to go with the spin, and hold your grab through the rotation.

Step Four:
Try to land lightly with the spin. Continuing to hold your grab allows a smoother one-motion aerial. Go with the flow of the spin, and hold your grab for a softer landing.

Step Five:
When your tail catches on the landing, stay compact and finish your spin. Don’t stand up immediately after touching down-let the maneuver complete itself and follow its lead.

Step Six:
Hold your balance through the final step of the maneuver. Continue to hold your rails for support (if you need to).

Step Seven:
Let the smoke clear around you, and ride it out. Enjoy!