Textbook – How To Do Frontside Snaps

Textbook – How To Do Frontside Snaps
By Kelly Slater

“Sebastian Inlet’s a short wave, so you have to fit turns in quickly and precisely. A smaller board helps, too. I’m riding a five-nine in this sequence-I usually ride a six-one.”-Kelly Slater


Step One:
When setting up for your frontside snap, don’t lean too far back. I did, and because of that I had to snap a little extra to get my weight back over the board.Usually you’d want to turn your shoulders to the extent you’re going to turn your board. Also, a misjudged setup will throw these things off like a chain reaction.

Step Two:
When doing your snap, keep your front shoulder low to the board. Compress your front knee while transferring your weight to your front foot.

Steps Three And Four:
Recover your balance. Stabilize and draw a good line from your heelside rail down the face of the wave.

Steps Five And Six:
Put a little weight on your back foot to get the fins steering, then straighten your board out.

Step Seven:
Keep your shoulders square so you get a good release. The wave’s over, so jump off.