Textbook How To Extend Your Frontside Air Reverses

Textbook How To Extend Your Frontside Air Reverses
By Cale Grigson

“The most important thing about this trick is to have a lot of speed. Happy boosting!”-Cale Grigson


Step One:
Once you’ve found a crumbly section, bottom-turn halfway up the face so you keep your speed, and then blast out of the tranny.

Step Two:
Kick your tail out, and keep some weight over your front foot.

Step Three:
Start your spin by flicking your board out. Keep your balance centered over your board.

Step Four:
When you land, keep a semi-crouched position and extend your back leg.

Step Five:
Now you’re riding fakie on the foam, so stay in your position for as long as you feel like it.

Step Six:
At this point, your fins should start to grab, thus spinning you around forward. This is the easy part-just go with it. Remember to stay completely centered over your board the whole time.

Step Seven: