Textbook – How To Get A Backdoor Barrel

Textbook – How To Get A Backdoor Barrel
During A Media Frenzy
By Love Hodel

“First, you need to be prepared to get your fair share of wipeouts. Secondly, you need to pick up your balls and go for it. If you’re not committed, you could possibly get hurt or lose your turn in the lineup.”If it’s a nice sunny day out, you can be sure the photographers will be there in full force. Your main objective should be to get a sick barrel-smile and say cheeese! Try to do this in front of as many photographers, because your odds for getting a picture in the mag are greater.”-Love Hodel

[IMAGE 1]Steps One Through Three:
The usual approach to getting barreled is to take the drop as late as possible.

Steps Four Through Six:
Barely get under the lip before it knocks you down, then put the pedal to the metal.

Steps Seven Through Ten:
Set your line and let the lip waterfall over you. I used to ride bigger boards for getting heavy barrels, but lately I’ve been using shorter ones. They seem to have more control-you can actually maneuver your way around while inside the wave. [IMAGE 2]